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All mothers got summoned when George Floyd begged for his mother moments before a police officer killed him. I am a mother and I was shaken to the core. I think of my friends who are mothers as well, I think of the different kind of conversations they have with their sons and daughters. I think of the unfairness of everything that has been going on for centuries in the world. It looks like it had to take a pandemic for us to open our eyes to the sheer amount of injustice, racism, and white privilege on this planet.

I voiced on Instagram that I wanted to help but did not know how and was scared to do the wrong thing. Another woman told me, “Use your voice because a white woman’s voice has further reach.” This made an impact on me. Words are all I have; I am a writer and I can use my words. I am also a skilled chef but I can’t bake an anti-racism cake. If I had a recipe for this, I would open a factory and dish them out for free. So I poured my heart out and wrote a long piece, but it was not good enough. I had to reach deep inside myself and see what I wanted to accomplish with my words. I want to inform and educate.

I think the way forward from here is education. We can’t do better if we don’t know what is going wrong. We have to be part of the generation that makes a change and part of the group of mothers who wants better for all the children in this world. The internet is a great place to start educating yourself but if you are abit like me,you will be easily overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information. I have collected different ways for us to start and be part of the change in our homes and our lives.  We all are different and learn in different ways: some read, others listen, and many watch, and some take action. This is a small list of ideas and websites where we can start educating and opening our hearts to a better world.

If you are a reader

How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi

Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad

White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of Our Racial Divide by Carol Anderson

If you are a watcher

Watch Black and British: A Forgotten History on BBC

Watch the acclaimed Ava DuVernay racial inequality documentary 13th– on Netflix

Find here a episode of Red Table talk on Facebook.

Find here a talk between Emmanual Acho and Matthew McConaughey.

If you are a listener

I am a big fan of Brene Brown and she has created a few podcasts on Unlocking Us to educate us, also find here a list of other podcasts to educate yourself.

If you want to donate

There are several ways to help the cause by donating money here and here.

If you want to educate your kids

Find a list of books here and more information here.

If you want to buy

Beyonce has created a directory of black-owned businesses. Find the website here.

I have said many times, “I don’t see color.” This is the biggest lie ever. I am not color blind; I see all the colors and I see the fucking rainbow and there is a pot of gold at the end of it. Each color of the rainbow deserves an equal part of this gold. We are not being fair with the treasure because we are getting our part; we are getting more than our fair share.


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