V is for Vision

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When I think about vision, I think about that time four years ago when I finally took the chance to check my eyesight and found out I needed glasses. Years with headaches and migraines and all I needed was a pair of glasses to have a better vision. But vision is not only about your eyes. Vision is important for our future and where we are going, and how we choose to get there.

We all have a vision of the world returning back to normal. But my nightmare vision is afraid it won’t return back to normal. I watch movies and see people together on the beach closely to each other, and I have a vision this will not return. I have a scary vision that I will tell my child, “When I was younger, we all would go inside clubs and dance all night very close to each other.” I have a vision that she won’t be able to do those things, sit closely together to strangers on the beach, or dance with new friends in clubs. I don’t like this vision.

I have other visions too, and the more I shout them out the more they become truth. I told my husband the other day, “Listen,I think I should be a model!” Now, I am not model material, I am just a narcissistic woman who looks good in fashion and likes to be in pictures. Even when I did not look good in pictures, I liked to be in them. Guess what? Somebody contacted me to model some of her fashion she is creating during lockdown. Visions are dreams that can come true.

I have this vision to be a writer, but it was hard to start again. I have very concrete ideas for books, but to move my brain again is hard. Nobody is telling me to sit down and write. Till somebody did, “Pauline why not do this Blogging A to Z challenge?” Now,I have to sit down and flex those writing muscles again. I have a vision to write books and inspire people. This is it, I am here, and Iam sitting down and writing my vision.

I have a vision to inspire people to buy secondhand fashion. Yes, I like to take selfies in nice clothes, but I want to showcase that it’s possible to look amazing in secondhand fashion. It’s possible to create looks and be artistic without breaking the bank or the earth. Each piece I wear in pictures is secondhand; it has been loved before and now it’s my turn to love. And when I am done loving, I have this vision I sell the pieces to other people and they will love it all over again.

I have both nightmarish and lovely visions about the future. I am curating my visions because they can all be in my mind together, but only some are loved enough to come true.

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