U is for Upcycle

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I am not the most conscious person to save the earth. I try to recycle but my husband will tell you it’s a painful process. I don’t even try to reduce my trash; we make so much trash in this family. It seems that anything and everything comes in plastic: that gluten-free cookie, for example, is wrapped in three different plastic bags. Does this mean I don’t buy it? No, I honestly don’t care. I know this sounds horrible, but the honest truth is I care about so many things and this is simply something that does not fit in my brain. Yes, I am putting my sanity before saving the earth, sue me.

I do different things that make me happy and play a part in helping the earth a bit at the time. I upcycle stuff, I don’t reduce. I reuse. I have been always a great fan of creating something different out of something I already own. This way, I can pretend to have a new shiny thing and get the rush of the buying without the actual buying.

Upcycling is transforming unwanted products or waste materials into new items of better quality and environmental value.

Painting my furniture is a big part of my upcycling hobby. I have painted many photo frames to change the scene in my home. I have no patience with these projects. I painted my wardrobe pink and if you look close up, you can see I actually have to paint it again but I can’t be arsed. I painted this cute side table, but again, no patience or tact and I broke the glass on the top.

I recently started to dye some of my clothes; boring white pieces come out in pink. I can’t stress how much fun this was. I was ready to get rid of these white pieces but now I have three “new” pieces. Reusing products for different uses is fun and makes you think outside the box.

An afternoon tea stand not being used? Display your jewelry on it instead of tea sandwiches!
A scarf can be for your neck in the winter but also can be used as a hair band in the summer.
Look around you, how can you make your stuff “new” again?


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