R is for Restore

April 30, 2020 , In: Expat Mommy , With: No Comments

I feel like I have been restoring my life for a long time. You probably think that meant it was broken, but it was not. It was not perfect but it was not broken. We are all restoring some pieces of our lives at all times. Trying to make it a bit better, always trying to be a bit happier. When I was depressed, my picture of my life was cloudy and I could not see it clearly. I had to do a deep restoration on my own life to make it all a bit clearer.

The earth is in deep restoration mode: lakes are clear, the air is breathable again. Was all this sickness and death necessary for our world to restore? Looks like Gaia needed a break from all the humans screwing up her life. We have used all these centuries to completely break Mother Earth the way we break our own mothers, finding out much too late how important and how right mothers always are. We found out much too late, and now she is angry.

How do we restore our normal family life from this? How do we restore our own family economy from this pandemic? I have no idea; I hardly know how to restore the peace within my own household. But it’s clear to me that our world leaders don’t know either. They have no idea how to take care of their subjects and how to restore life back to normal. Or our “new normal” as they like to call it.

We all want to restore our trips to the hairdressers and our lattes from coffee shops. We are all eager to go back to work and school and start where we left off. We want to restore our lives to the way it was. But that’s not possible.

It seems that we all want to restore our painting to be better than it actually was. But we might have to paint a completely new picture; we can’t restore the old one. We have to find new ways to make our own world a better place, we have to open our hearts and listen to our mothers. Because during my own restorations I have found that she was always (most of the time) right.

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