Q is for Quarantine

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This period does not seem the best time to nitpick about words. But I don’t feel like I am in quarantine, I always thought I had to be sick or a traveling dog to be put into quarantine. But describing this situation as quarantine sounds a whole lot cooler than lockdown.

We still have a reasonable amount of freedom where we live, more freedom at least than my friends in China who have been staying in their homes for the last four months. We have loads of open spaces and nature around us so we can go outside and indulge ourselves in bike rides and nature trails. Yes, we are not able to socialize with anybody outside our family. But we are free to go to the supermarket each day if we want. Nobody checks our temperature when we enter the shop.

We all are affected by this situation but I want to stress that we are not affected in the same way. Some people are on furlough in the UK and this means that they still get 80% pay. But if you live from paycheck to paycheck, you are pretty screwed. We had to call many of our bills asking for a payment “holiday” as otherwise we won’t be able to buy food to eat.

Some people working and living in tourist areas in Italy have not yet heard of such a thing called furlough, so there is simply no answer. Some teachers in China have continued to work full time and have even received bonuses from their international schools. Some people I know in Holland are having dinner parties and eating lobster. Some people care for elders, going into their homes and not having any protective gear. Many friends who work in the hospitality industry are at home with no help from the government at all. We are not in the same boat, we are just in the same storm.

Some president even muses on live television about sunshine and antibacterial injections! Now I will be honest: this quarantine has not always brought out the smartest side of me, but this man deserves a shit show price. Watching Trump is like watching the Tiger King except Trump actually managed to become president.

I think it’s the most stupid thing to claim we are in “this” together. Some people are fine; many of us are hurting. I think this virus is showing us how divided the world is: Soccer players on their thrones with millions in the bank. Supermarket workers risking their lives for minimum wage salaries. We are not in this shit together. Rich people are getting richer, normal and poor people are biting the dust.

We are in quarantine like traveling dogs, some dogs survive, and some will die in the pound. Some nights I can’t sleep as the world is showing us how cruel it is. No thoughts and prayers, no clapping outside each week will save us. The Tiger King was right; we will never financially recover from this.


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