P is for Positive

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I wanted to use the P-day blog to write about postnatal depression but I am trying to keep my own shit together and I know that it won’t do my own mental health good if I go down the rabbit hole of writing about depression again. Writing about these things is hard and I have to dig deep into my feelings and that is something I don’t want to do right now. After I wrote my D-day entry about Death, I was upset for some hours. It pays to dig deep as some good stuff comes out of it. Maybe this can happen when I write a positive post?

I am pretty positive that this whole situation will have a positive outcome for many of us. We might not be able to see it through all the sickness and death. But the fact is that we are forcefully thrown back into our homes to spend time with our families. Now honestly, I have learned the last few years that I love to be alone, I desperately need alone time to survive the rest of life.

But it’s hard to be a lone parent when husband works 15 hours a day and every weekend. It’s lonely, it’s quite sad to spend every mother’s Mother’s day Day and Easter alone with your child. This year, we celebrated those days together as our family of three, and that’s quite positive.

I love to cook—, I have been a chef for a very long time. However,cooking at home is not my favorite thing. My husband can’t and won’t stop cooking so I have not cooked a meal since all this went down. We are eating meals together as a family, that’s pretty positive. I am also positive that I am gaining weight.

I have been forced in the most positive way to start writing again and flex those muscles in my brain. I try to write a blog each day and not all of them are positive but they don’t have to be when you try to write a blog for each letter of the alphabet. I am positive that I will be able to write an actual book when I have finished with this project.

I am pretty positive that I might be the worst teacher for my child. It’s almost laughable when we try to do the worksheets the school sends us. I might be a good teacher for adults when it comes to cooking. But I am positive I will never teach kids. Some positive self-discovery there during lockdown.

I am positive that I will be a lot fitter when all this ends. I feel forced to leave the house to do some exercise and escape my family. So I run around my neighborhood, I am one of those lockdown joggers. I am positive that I will continue doing this even when my family escapes back to work and school.

I am positive that getting back to my bench in the park and browsing through the charity shops will be so much more fun when this blows over. Which I am positive it will.

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