N is for NO

April 22, 2020 , In: Expat Mommy , With: No Comments

Now I like the world a bit better when we say more yes. But we live in a time where no is the most used word. “Mommy can I have a play date?” “NO” “Mommy can we go to the playground?” “NO” “Mommy can we go to the city?” “NO” It’s no to this and no to that. It’s quite draining really, kids are good in emphasizing all the things we can’t do right now. My daughter also seems to forget on a daily basis what’s going on and I need to explain it many times, it’s like she is rubbing it in.

The last year has been filled with many No’s, I have a feeling that the UK has a favorite way of responding to out of the box ideas, with a “maybe” “let me think about it” or the dreaded “sure…..” these all mean NO.

I know that I am adapting this NO culture real fast, as a mother and also in my career. I detest this, why would we say No to good ideas our kids have? I know why I do, because I am tired and just can’t be bothered. But really when we think about it we have all the time in the world to say yes to things. We have time to clean the messes; we have time to pretend we like what the kids are doing.

The no circle is hard to break out of, I know that my respond to most things are No. Just frankly because I am tired, don’t feel like doing new things.

This year has brought me to the island of NO. How do I get back to the country of Yes? I lived there for three years and I was transported to many fun filled days and amazing new adventures. I miss the days of YES, I miss those opportunities, and I miss the people that said yes to me, I miss the people that said yes with me.

I want to leave the Island of NO and I want to go back to the country of Yes, any country will do as long as my community is a community of YES.

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