E is for EAST

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I have been thinking about the letter E for some days now, but nothing stuck in my head. I could have written about exercise, education, or even eating food. But nothing felt right. Then I had to write a message to EAST Hotel in Beijing making the final decision with my business partner to cancel our big event this year. Then it dawned on me that E is for EAST Hotel.

EAST Hotel in Beijing has been the backdrop to many special occasions and events for me. Many brunches with pavlova cake (Yes,the day before my stomach surgery I had two pavlova cakes at EAST!)… The lunches with my mom friends while our children played in the kid’s room… My own collaboration with the chef of the hotel to launch Pauline’s Cuisine… What a treat to get back into the kitchen and share my food with the brunch masses, and teach knife skills for my cooking classes (editor’s note: I joined that class and I still have the Band-aid Pauline handed out, in case we’d get wounded – but none did!).

The most wonderful cake in Beijing, the EAST Pavlova

The two extreme fantastic retreats my partner and me organized for Beijing Women’s Retreat… Big clothing auction parties at the end of the year…It’s safe to say that EAST Hotel has always supported me and my many ideas and plans in Beijing. Those included the cozy nights away with the family, and finally our own farewell party last year when we moved away from Beijing.

I was intending to return this May to Beijing for another retreat, but it looks like the situation is being taken out of hands by what is happening around the world. Words cannot express how sad I and my partner are; I was going to spend ten days in China and have a grand retreat with the amazing women of Beijing, taking over the hotel for the weekend.

You might think what’s so special about this hotel? Does it have an amazing pool? Are the rooms unforgettable? Do they serve the best food ever? Sure yes to all those things, but mostly for me, it’s the people who work at the hotel—They know me and have always welcomed me with open arms. Did I ask for some crazy things? Did I give them some hard times? I am sure I did, but they always did anything in their power to make me happy.

EAST Hotel Beijing, may your employees be happy as always, and may your guests return in good health. E is for EAST Hotel Beijing, my home away from home.


Our first annual clothing auction ball at EAST hotel


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