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Be You Retreat, March 2019

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It’s that time of year again, when we are all gearing up to take a break for Chinese New Year. But Berry Thoughtful and Pauline’s Cuisine are getting ready to create the retreat of the year at EAST Hotel.  Some women explained to us that they could not make because of weddings, holidays and other family business. Well, I can assure you canceling all these things will be worth it! Last May we had an amazing time at our first Women’s Retreat Beijing. A group of women let loose and spent more than 48 hours laughing and filling their cups with happiness and champagne (lots of free flow bubbles!)

We want to give you a detailed rundown of what you can look forward to during these magical hours at EAST Hotel. EAST is by far our favorite hotel in Beijing – the amenities are great, but it’s the smiling, helpful staff that make it extra special for us. When we walk into EAST we feel at home, even down to the welcoming fragrance. EAST has been the venue for many fun nights and special brunches.

9.30 am Check in at the hotel will start.

The hotel is like Hogwarts, and your suitcases will magically appear in your room!

(Please note that passports or yellow slips are 100% needed, and we can’t get you a room without.)

You will then join the ladies on the third floor for coffee, tea and morning snacks.

Get ready to meet new faces and make friends – “no woman left behind” is our motto!

11 am We will shake our booties to a Jindafit workout workshop on the 3rd floor.

Don’t worry if you can’t follow the steps, just let your body move to the music, or keep on drinking coffee and watch the girls dance.

12 pm We will move to FEAST on the 2nd floor.

We start with our free flow bubbles and brunch, starters and desserts are from the buffet and main courses are a choice of three dishes: chicken, fish or pasta. Make sure to order the signature Pavlova cake, it’s by far the best dessert in Beijing.

Make sure to let us know ALL your dietary requirements before the retreat so we can take extra good care of you.

1 pm Do whatever you want where you want!

After the brunch you are welcome to relax in your room and dig into the most epic goody bag. See below for the list of Beijing brands who have contributedproducts.

You can do whatever you wish to do in this free time: enjoy the brunch for hours, read a book in bed, swim in the pool, shop at Indigo Mall. It’s YOUR time! BE YOU.

3.30 pm doors open to Beauty and Bubbles Bazaar 3rd floor workshop

Bubbles and Beauty Bazaar will be a feminine extravaganza. There will be shopping with awesome brands (make sure to check your goody bags as many brands will be at the bazaar too!) Hair, makeup tutorials, massages, a hummus buffet from Pauline’s Cuisine, and free flow bubbles of course. Get yourself dressed up for the photo booth, with Dave Studio, or buy yourself a new outfit while you are there. See below for a list of the vendors that will be there. Save all your red envelopes from Chinese New Year to spoil yourself.

6.30 pm XIAN bar on the 1st floor

A delicious buffet with bar food, pizza and other treats to soak up the alcohol will be served. While we eat and drink some more, we will enjoy a comedy show with some of Beijing’s top names. Make sure to do some pelvic floor fitness in the days leading up to the retreat, you will laugh a lot!

Last year many women danced the night away, and this year the band will be ready after the comedy show to play some awesome beats.

After a refreshing night’s sleep in the most comfy hotel beds, you will be able to join the breakfast at FEAST on the second floor (same place as brunch) and eat your fill from 7 am to 10 am. Hotel breakfast buffets are my favorite.

After breakfast we have another big break to do whatever you wish: swim, shop at Indigo Mall, relax in your bed… again it’s whatever you want, BE YOU!

Lunch is on you so we suggest filling up at breakfast or head over to Indigo Mall for the restaurants there, we love the selection of foods offered!

1.30 pm Workshop 3rd floor

Join us for Berry Thoughtfulls Vision workshop. Where you will learn the importance of having a vision and creating a vision board.

This is by far one of my favorite workshops, and March is the perfect time to set intentions for the year and your life. We will have coffee, tea, a snack, and vision boarding.

4 pm Check out

EAST Hotel will have had enough of the entire woman gang and will promptly kick us out of our rooms. Your suitcases will be brought down to the lobby Hogwarts-style and you will be refreshed, having made many new friends, maybe a bit hungover, but your cup will be filled with happiness.

PLEASE NOTE! We want to make sure you have the most amazing time ever. If there is any part of the lineup of events you don’t like or don’t want to do, you are welcome to do something else; you won’t be forced to do Jindafit, comedy or vision boarding. This is your retreat and we want you to BE YOU.


Address: Please check this link for the EAST website where you can find the location of the hotel.

For Didi, just put in EAST hotel and it will pop up.

Prices for the retreat

Single room that means a room completely for yourself ALONE will cost RMB 2400 per person

Double room that means a room you share TOGETHER with a friend or somebody we can match you with will cost RMB1900 per person

Deposits of RMB 500 to secure your spot can be made today to the WeChat or Alipay of Pauline or Carneisha. Without a deposit or payment you can’t have a secure spot. Please note that the full amount needs to be paid a week before the event.

For cancelation policies, ask Pauline or Carneisha and we will send you a document. You will receive this document regardless when you sign up, and will be added to a WeChat group where we will share all the information. Please note that we won’t be using emails this year; WeChat will be the preferred method of communication. Please let us know if you want emails.

Goody Bag Sponsors

Elvira Nuts

Skincare Zest

Butcher Brouillette

Skincare Green Room

The History off Skincare

Handicrafts by Caprah

Luiba Draws

JE Skincare

Wishbone Handmade Boutique


Vendors Bubbles and Beauty

Dave Studio

Fashion by Allabatuck

Fashion by Swetlana

Jewelry and Make up by Yi Link Luxury

Pillows by Soukey Soukey

Beanmade Candles

African Jewelry by Chariots

Jewelry by Maria Nauen

Jewelry by Everard and Wang

Henna Tattoos by Henna Girl

Bags and Home wear from Love and Hope

Fashion from Clothing Auctions

Fashion from Pauline’s Wardrobe

Bags from Springsations

Other brands that will sponsor giveaways and prizes

Hulu gift cards

TRB gift cards

Berry Thoughtful

Pauline’s Wardrobe gift card

Cami Candles

Antonia Jewelry

Skincare by VSP

Textiles by DdW

Squash lesson by Elite Squash Academy



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