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Find Your Inner Strength by Ashley Soh

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One of my favorite moms in Beijing wrote this, she is such a inspiration.  She is the owner of my home away from home, BLOW+BAR. Mothers day is coming up so get yourself pampered at the best place possible in Beijing. One salon in Sanlitun and one in Shunyi, there is really no excuse. 

I’m a “Mom-preneur” (An entrepreneur who is also a mom) from Sunny Singapore. Two years ago, I came to Beijing alone to start my business, leaving my family in Singapore. I’m a proud mother of two children, my boys were four and seven years old when I first came to Beijing. Many people often asked me where I muscle the courage and confidence to come to China, a market known to be very tough for business. Many also wondered how I can bear leaving my family in Singapore and be in this big city alone to pursue my dreams.

Honestly, I do not know where I find this courage to do what I did. I do know that I am really blessed with a great spouse, he is fully supportive of my career and believes in me. His support and encouragement propel me to leave my comfort zone and take a shot here.

There are many uncertainties in life, we do not know what tomorrow might bring. I was once a Marketer in L’Oreal, a company that can bring me to many places in my career but I decided to start my own business. Five years ago, BLOW+BAR, Asia’s first lifestyle grooming concept was birthed, a fun idea combining hairdressing and wine in a bar concept. Today, we have 5 branches, spanning across Singapore, Jakarta and Beijing.

Thinking back, it felt really crazy to do what I did. I was pregnant with my second child when the idea came about and Blow+Bar was born 6 months after my baby arrived. It certainly was not the best timing to be starting any business! Honestly, how many people will choose to start their own business when their hands busy with two kids and a full-time job?
However, I always felt that life is about grabbing opportunities and taking risks.
We have to believe in ourselves and find our inner strength. This great power is in all of us, the power to believe.

Life is not simply about timing, but rather we can choose to have the right mindset and make a choice when the opportunity arises. I had the right mindset then and I had the right mindset now. I risk giving up my dream job. I persevere through the many, many trials and hardships. I learn from my mistakes and improve. But ultimately, I believe I have the right mindset of setting out to venture and take a risk from it all.

I am very thankful to be here. Beijing is such a magical place, I forged valuable friendships in this big city, some of my closest friends are here. Through the hardships of starting a business here, I learned to slow down and appreciate life, I found peace and joy in this beautiful city. I became much more courageous, at the same time embracing different cultures and mindsets while finding my foothold in this place. I learned to appreciate and understand being alone, I learned to focus on my work and find time for things that I have a passion for. I certainly cannot achieve all these without the support of my family and business partners.

Lastly, I wanted to end with a note about beauty. Never neglect how you look because how u look on the outside is how you feel on the inside. Everyone should look and feel beautiful and it starts with your hair. I believe beautiful hair makes a person feel confident, find your inner strength from within and unleash that power!

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