But even at this weight I felt overweight. Society, and the media, made me believe I was fat. We make our daughters think that they should look like the models in the magazines, forgetting that health and happiness are most important in a young girl’s life – most important in anybody’s life. Having had struggles with mental health problems and medical problems, I now know that looks are not everything.

But then I moved to Texas, and as we know everything is bigger in Texas, including the portion sizes. I always felt like I need to empty all the food on my plate, so slowly I started gaining weight. Food has always made me happy, cooking it, buying it and eating it. Finding a different way to achieve happiness is one of my new goals. Sugar and chocolate would be the greatest offenders making me as overweight as I am today. Keeping me awake and happy for short periods of time, sugar is the most addictive food group out there. I tried to eliminate sugar from my diet and the effects were like kicking a drug habit. This only confirms my fears that sugar is indeed a drug for me

I needed to step away from buying, cooking and ordering food, having failed many times in achieving a healthy balanced lifestyle. Tribe has created a menu for me lasting a month with no added extra sugars: three snacks and three meals a day, with varied and balanced dishes. Each morning a delivery arrives at 7am with my food for the day. It feels like a relief to not having to cook or go to 7/11 for lunch and then gorge on unhealthy stuff. The mission now is to start treating food as a way to nourish my body and soul, instead of using it as a celebration for happiness or a reward for sadness.

This blog was posted originally on the beijingkids website.