Pauline van Hasselt is a chef of trade but mother of all trades. While living in Beijing, China, Pauline founded several companies, including Pauline’s Cuisine, chef tailored cooking classes; Pauline’s Wardrobe curated second-hand fashion; and the Beijing Mothers Guild. Van Hasselt wrote community and culinary articles and covered women’s fashion lifestyle for beijingkids magazine. In addition, she organized many retreats and events for the female international community in Beijing.

Community connections, women’s fashion, and sustainable lifestyle are among Pauline’s greatest passions. Van Hasselt is a mother of one and a firm believer in self-care and motherhood tribes to link moms and women all over the world. She loves organizing her home and does this regularly.

Pauline has documented her journey to a happy and healthy body in her acclaimed "Big in Beijing" blog series on beijingkids and is currently writing a book to continue this journey. She is an ardent advocate for openness and awareness of mental health, and her stories on postnatal depression and bipolar disorder have opened floodgates of honesty around Beijing.

Pauline currently lives in England, but her heart is still in Beijing. She fills her days writing and sourcing amazing fashion pieces in local charity shops.